Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant – 10 common myths & Facts

Many of you must have considered Hair Transplant but even down the line few years, you are trying to weigh down the pros and cons of the surgery. You must have read & enquired about it but must be confused due to various myths that you must have read or heard.

Well, here are 10 common myths of hair transplant busted:

Myth # 1: The results of a hair transplant procedure look unnatural

Fact: The results of a hair transplant procedure are very natural looking. A good surgeon will determine the location & the angle of the hair to make it look more natural.


Myth # 2: FUT is a better technique that FUE

Fact: Any qualified & educated surgeon who has both the technologies available at their clinic or hospital will not favor one method over another. Each method is patient specific and is employed based on the requirement of the patients. Sometimes even a combination of the two is used in order to achieve the best possible long-term results.


Myth # 3: Hair Transplant surgery is very painful

Fact: Hair Transplant surgery is done under a local anesthesia. One can go home on the same day of the surgery and resume daily activities from the next day.


Myth # 4: Hair Transplant will give you immediate results

Fact: The outcome of a hair transplant surgery is noticeable in 6-8 months and to have a head filled with hair, it takes 9 – 12 months.


Myth # 5: Large grafts will produce more density

Fact: The density of the hair depends upon the number of grafts transplanted and not on the size of the graft. In fact, larger grafts may result in unnatural looking hair.


Myth # 6: Hair transplantation doesn’t works for women

Fact: Hair transplantation works effectively in treating both male and female, however, the baldness in women is different than in men and the supply of donor hairs are comparatively smaller and are thinning along with other parts of the scalp in women.


Myth # 7: One should avoid washing hair after hair transplant surgery:

Fact: Hair wash doesn’t intervene with the growth of newly grafted hair. In fact one should always keep the treated area clean to avoid infection.


Myth # 8: Hair Transplant Surgery can affect your brain

Fact: Hair Transplant is a surgery that involves only the skin of the scalp. It doesn’t go below the skin or come in contact with any part of the brain.


Myth # 9: Anyone can get hair transplant

Fact: A good surgeon will examine your scalp to know the accurate measurements of hair density and availability of hair for the transplant before recommending hair transplant surgery.


Myth # 10: An old individual should not undergo hair transplantation:

Fact: In general, there is a greater chance of successful hair transplant in an older person. At a younger age, the hair fall pattern is unpredictable and the hair loss has a greater chance of being extensive in the future. But age is not a major factor to determine the hair transplant surgery. A good surgeon will carefully access the donor area, check if the new hair in your scalp will grow after the treatment and will match the texture & quality of your existing hair and then decide whether you are suitable for the surgery or not.

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