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Hair Transplantation

Many men and some women suffer from hair fall. The most common reason, especially in males, is androgenetic alopecia. The cause of which is hereditary and there is usually a genetic history of it, up to three generations, on either the mother's or the father's side. There are mainly two treatment options of androgenetic. The first option is medical treatment and the second option is surgical best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi. Medically, there are only two medicines, namely Minoxidil lotion and oral finasteride tablets, that have a proven role in treating hair fall. Medicines work only in the early stages of balding. And these medical treatments have to be taken regularly, they have to be used lifelong, and even then they cannot help a bald person grow a head full of hair. When the balding has progressed to stage 4 and beyond the "gold standard" for hair restoration the solution is hair transplant procedure. This procedure offers a permanent solution to baldness. The transplanted hair is permanent, i.e. they stay for life; never fall, and need subsequent haircuts.

What is the science/concept behind Hair Transplant?

The scientific logic behind of hair transplant is that all of us have a zone of hair on the back and the sides of our scalp that are permanent or, in other words, are maximally unresponsive to the androgens/ male hormones, therefore, they never fall. We, a team of trained plastic surgeons & dermatologists, aim at redistributing these permanent hair follicles to the area of balding where they can add significant value. The hair that is transplanted to the bald area is permanent, appear absolutely natural, and do not look different from the existing or natural hair in appearance or direction of growth. You can comb them, oil or shampoo them, and even shave them.

Is the whole procedure comfortable?

The procedure is done under local anaesthesia on an outpatient basis. You would stay awake throughout. You can watch TV, listen to music, and take your lunch during the break. You go home immediately after the procedure. Depending on the area and number of follicle units, it usually takes approximately 2–6 hours for one session of hair transplant.

Are there different techniques in hair transplant?

There are majorly two techniques of hair transplant, namely: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) or Strip method and Follicular Unit Extraction method. Direct hair Implant and Robotic Hair Transplant are variations in FUE method only. We at Skinnovation Clinics with a trained team of Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologist have the distinguished ability to perform all techniques of hair transplant. This enables us to tailor our technique according to individuals’ needs and requirements!

What happens after transplant?

In the initial 1 month after the procedure, all the transplanted hair fall off. After a rest of another one or two months, the hair start to grow out of the scalp again. The hair then grow at a particular speed – on an average at a rate of 1 cm per month. Therefore, a waiting period of 8 months after the surgery is required to appreciate the results of the hair transplant procedure.. Once the 8-10 months are complete, the hair that would have grown back would be your permanent hair. They would never fall, they will grow normally and would need haircuts. You can cut, style, shampoo, apply hair dye or color them. The hair would grow back even if you shave your entire scalp!

There are no side effects of hair transplantation.

Why choose Skinnovation Clinics for your hair transplant?

  • Well trained and qualified team comprising both Plastic Surgeon & Dermatologist.
  • Only centre in Delhi/NCR regularly doing all techniques of hair transplant and tailoring techniques according to the needs and requirements of the patient.
  • Complete surgery done by doctors and surgeons as we don't believe in leaving patient on the hands of technicians to finish the surgery as happens in most centres.
  • Our state of art Operation theatre and World Class Clinic.
  • We make sure patient is comfortable during the whole process and enjoys the procedure while watching TV or listening to music during the whole procedure.
  • Combined team experience of more than 50 years in treating hair loss problems.

If you have been thinking about Hair Transplant Surgery in Delhi contact us today.

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