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Essential Tips to Prepare for Plastic Surgery Consultation

Your decision of getting plastic surgery is itself a big decision and it certainly has long-lasting effects. The next thing you need to do is to search for a top plastic surgeon. Selecting a plastic surgeon should not be taken lightly after all your health and body are in question.

First consultation before the surgery is a pivotal one, hence, it’s essential to come prepared and know what exactly you want to ask. Being prepared doesn’t mean doing just an internet search. A successful plastic surgery starts with an effective consultation which you can get at Skinnovation Clinics under the guidance of expert surgeons.

Here are few essential tips to keep in mind before you head towards your initial appointment:

Do your research and homework:

You should be well aware of what exact change you want in your body. Once you know that, you need to take a few hours to conduct a research on the procedure you want to have. For reference, we have mentioned a few methods of self-research that come from the top plastic surgeon.


Make a questionnaire:

The best thing is to list down your worries and concerns or make a list of questions to bring with you during your consultation so that there is no column left for miscommunication.


Mirror test:

Stand in front of a mirror in a well-lit room and have a look at yourself for 10 to 15 minutes. Observe and have a thought on what do you see? What do you like and what you don’t? What would you want to change? And, exactly what would you want to be in the final result? Now, discuss this with the top plastic surgeon at Skinnovation Clinics and get a feedback on it.


Search on the internet:

There is an adage – a picture is worth a thousand words. So do a search and hunt the internet for ideal looks. Check on the specific attribute you want, whether it is lips, waist, breast size or any other. Bring these pictures with you to showcase what you want from the surgeon.


Take notes:

It’s okay to be anxious and have your own share of worries and concern. Discuss this with your surgeon at the consultation. Take notes and jot down the points. This will help you to have an ease with your anxiety and can be a point of reference to the details you have discussed with your consultation.


Be patient:

Be specific about what you want from surgery and be patient and cooperate with your surgeon to work together for betterment, as reconstructive surgery is not a day job. You need to give it all the time and consideration.


Trust your surgeon:

Sometimes, it can happen that you have opted for a specific procedure to deliver a result but your surgeon recommends you, in fact, a completely different procedure to deliver better results. After chosen correctly, always remember the plastic surgeon is the expert and knows better. After all he is the top plastic surgeon.

Do come with an open mind and be receptive to other suggestions. A relationship with a plastic surgeon is not a one-off event; it develops into a long-term partnership. Together, you both can determine what is needed to be done to bring out the best results after considering your needs, body type and other factors to be considered.

It’s true that making the decision to have plastic surgery is an enthralling, exciting and transformative one. You should discuss everything about the procedure, including your apprehensions, in details with your surgeon.

For more information on the subject and to opt for your plastic surgery, you may visit Skinnovation Clinics and book a consultation with the top plastic surgeon at the facility.