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Body Contouring Surgery

Massive Weight Loss Contouring or Body Contouring Surgery in Delhi

Plastic surgery after dramatic weight loss reduces excess skin and fat left behind after major weight loss. Its goal is to restore attractive proportions by removing the sagging skin around the face, neck, upper arms, breasts, abdomen, buttocks and thighs that creates a misshapen contour.

Although these procedures leave some scars, most patients find them to be an acceptable as Dr Rajat Gupta gives due consideration to hide these scars inside natural folds so that these scars not easily visible. Skinnovation clinics the best for Body Contouring Surgery in Delhi.

1. When to consider Plastic Surgery after weight loss?

If you have experienced dramatic weight loss from bariatric surgery or diet and exercise.
If you have sagging skin in multiple areas, including the face and neck, breasts, arms, abdomen, back and thighs.
If your weight has stabilized following bariatric surgery or diet and exercise. This may be 18 months or more after your weight loss.

2. What all procedures should I consider?

The need of cosmetic plastic surgery depends on the individual patient needs and requirements. Some one may have more of loose skin on upper part of body and some on lower. So the exact procedure is determined after detailed consultation depending on individual's needs.

The whole gamut of Body Contouring surgeries you may like to read about is:

  • Face/Neck Lift
  • Liposuction
  • Abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck
  • Arm Lift
  • Thigh Lift

3. What will be the scars like?

Every effort will be made to make scars as small and inconspicuous as possible. Dr Rajat Gupta is an expert in hiding incisions in body creases whenever possible. Although incision lines are permanent, in most cases they will fade and significantly improve over time.

4. What is the next step?

If you are thinking about Body Contouring surgery or Post Weight loss contouring in Delhi, since you have had a massive weight loss, the next step is to schedule an appointment with us. We will then follow a journey to transform you totally. And you will be loving it, that is for sure. You can call us at +919899698585 or email us at contact@DrRajatGupta.com. Our practice accommodates out of town and international patients who fly in for surgery as well as as those who live in Delhi.

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