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Tattoo Removal Treatment/Tattoo Removal Laser Treatment

Most experienced skin physicians recommend laser tattoo removal for various reasons; the primary is that laser elimination is practically harmless. It leaves no scars and marks on the treated area and comes with minimal side effects.

Laser tattoo removal in Delhi is a highly intricate technique that uses laser energy to eliminate the pigment from the tattooed skin. In this direction, the latest invention of science, Q-switched laser device, SpectraXTbrings the benefits of technology for all kinds of tattoo removals and pigment issues. This innovative device allows the dermatologist to customize the wavelength, choose the précised spot size and regulate the intensity of laser energy for various kinds of tattoos. This makes targeting extremely feasible, allowing different kinds of pigments, colouring and inks atvaried depths to get the treatment appropriately.

An important factor to note is that dark coloured tattoos such as black, blue and browns are easy to remove. However, the lighter hues such as green, yellow, fluorescent might take multiple sessions.

Tattoo Removalin Delhi

Tattoo Removal Laser Treatment in Delhi

Here is the complete procedure in details for a better understanding of the tattoo removal aspirants.

  • Individuals willing to have their tattoos removed get an absolute consultation and counselling before the procedure. This is to evaluate the types of tattoos, inks and their intensity.
  • During the sitting, the physician applies laser energy as per the size, depth and age of the tattoo.
  • There might be a requirement of multiple laser sessions to remove the tattoos completely.
  • It is effective to use the lasers with varied wavelengths to target different inks at various depths. This helps the laser to penetrate adequately and scatter the inks.
  • Expert physicians consider Q-switch technology the best as it allows instantaneousswitchingof the wavelengths as per the varied depths of the tattoo ink. This helps in the absorption of the laser energy selectively while saving the surrounding skin from potential damage.
  • The physician takes tremendous care to apply laser for extremely small periods to avoid the spread in the adjacent skin area. The duration of each application should just be enough to heat up the tattoo pigment to the desired temperature and fragment it.
  • It is also important to make sure that the energy transferred during each laser application is sufficient to break the pigment.

In the weeks that follow a laser tattoo removal procedure in Delhi, the body’s immune system keeps flushing out the scattered pigment particles, which causes the tattoo to fade considerably. Thus, a series of treatments ensures that more and more ink is scattered and is eventually flushed out of the skin, eliminating the tattoo completely.

At Skinnovation Clinics, we use state-of-the-art Q-Swtiched laser equipment Spectra XT by LutronicCorporation, USA for Tattoo Removal in Delhi. Dr. Gupta is perhaps the only doctor in North Delhi to have this equipment at his clinic. Spectra XT is US-FDA approved and is a Q-switched laser device that makes tattoo removal possible.


Tattoo Removal treatment in Delhi

Tattoo Removal in Delhi

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