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If you have been wanting Neck Lift or Facelift Surgery in Delhi, read on:


Face/ Neck Lift improves visible signs of aging in the face, jawline and neck, such as: excess fat and loose skin in the face that creates saddened look, sagging of skin and jowls. Excess fatty deposits under the chin and loose neck skin are also corrected at the same time.

A face/neck lift is a surgical technique that restores beautiful bone structure to the aging jaw, cheeks, and neck. Dr. Rajat Gupta focuses on resuspending the muscular substructure of the face and neck (the SMAS and platysma) to achieve long lasting, natural results.

A good facelift leaves you looking like a younger, more natural, more subtly improved version of yourself-- NOT a tightly-pulled, "windblown," different person. Dr Gupta’s focus is on subtle, natural, elegant, and refined results-- a look that whispers, not a look that screams.

It is said that smooth contours of jaw line and well sculpted neck makes the face come across as young and happy! And this beautiful jaw line and neck can also be created by special technique of Neck Lift which Dr Rajat Gupta uses.

Is Facelift/ Necklift only for women?

Both men and women can achieve significant improvements from a facelift/ necklift procedure. We do a customized procedure for every patient of our, which make a woman appear more feminine and refined, or make a man appear more masculine with a stronger jawline.

What are the scars like?

The modern era of plastic surgery allows scars to be hidden extremely well, so that they are nearly imperceptible, even from a distance of 1-2 inches. Dr. Gupta hides his incisions in the crease in front of the ear or tragus. If you are too worried about these scars anyway go through ENDOSCOPIC FACE LIFT which Dr Rajat Gupta is a pioneer and expert in.

Can this procedure be combined with any other procedure?

Absolutely. Many patients undergoing a facelift/ necklift are also candidates for other procedures along with. The most common add on procedures are eyelifts (upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty), chin implants, fat grafting, and laser treatment to improve fine lines around the eyes and mouth.

What is the Next Step? Face & Neck lift Surgery in Delhi

If you have been thinking about getting a Facelift surgery & Neck lift surgery in Delhi contact us for an appointment where we can discuss your requirements in more details. You can call us at +919251711711 or email us at contact@DrRajatGupta.com. Our practice accommodates out of town and international patients who fly in for surgery as well as as those who live in Delhi.

Our prices are very transparent. To know about the price for Neck lift surgery in Delhi with Facelift Surgery,

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