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Obesity & over weight are chronic health problems that affect50% women, up to 75% of males and 25% of children and adolescents. Overweight and obesity are dangerous conditions and contribute to various health issues such as diabetes, heart diseases, joint pains etc. It is therefor very important to maintain healthy weight and treat obesity aggressively. Certain lifestyle changes and dietary modifications can help treat obesity and maintain a healthy weight in long term.

The obesity levels are increasing due to environmental and lifestyle changes. There are countless commercial diets prevailing on the Internet from Atikins to Keto and from The GM diet to Orange Juice diet and many more. Most of these diets have good effect in short term and a person might feel happy to see the weight going down, but these are not feasible for long term. These diets eliminate certain food groups from a person’s diet, which in future can perhaps only prove to be even more harmful than being obese as it hinders with normal functioning of the body.

Weight loss Solution in Delhi

Most of these diets are also known as Yo-Yo diets as they make a person lose weight initially, which is usually water weight anyway and as soon as the person is off any such diets, the weight comes back and sometimes even more. One tends to eat more after such diets, as they feel restricted while following them.

It is thus very important to change your lifestyle and make dietary modifications for long lasting results and to maintain the healthy nutritional intake that a body requires to function normally. It is more like a lifetime commitment to eat healthy daily and include exercise in your daily regime. Following a trained & experienced nutritionist for dietary guidance can provide long-term benefits.

Weight loss through diet and lifestyle changes can be attained, however for extremely overweight people, there are a range of different treatments options available, including liposuction and bariatric surgery. A combination of these treatments along with dietary modifications can help achieve weight loss in the most efficient way and last much longer.

Consult our experienced Dietitian and Nutritionist at Skinnovation Clinics and move one step ahead towards your weight loss solutuion goals.


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