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17-Dec 2015

How worthy is it to invest in a plastic surgery?

‘It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness, said Leo Tolstoy. It indeed true that beauty lies within the heart and the true measure of happiness lies in inner beauty.

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19-Feb 2016

Quick Guide: Scope And Possibility Of Breast Reconstructive Surgery

‘To go through the horrors of battling breast cancer is an ordeal in itself and to top that if it involves removal of one or both breasts it invokes unspeakable torment in a woman's heart threatening to shatter her to the point of no return, for it is rhet

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12-Feb 2016

Things To Know Before Going For A Breast Reduction Surgery

‘We all have that one friend who is tired of her big breasts and is forever conscious or that other one who is always picking out padded brassieres to boost her confidence.

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