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12-Feb 2016

Things To Know Before Going For A Breast Reduction Surgery

We all have that one friend who is tired of her big breasts and is forever conscious or that other one who is always picking out padded brassieres to boost her confidence. In fact very few of us are blessed with those perfect feminine curves we envy on actors and models. Blame it on genetics or pregnancy and ageing, make peace with it or pretend that nothing's wrong, the truth is that breasts form an integral part of a woman's vanity and self-esteem; and having an option to alter their appearance can be a God-sent for many. Whether it's a question of augmenting or lessening their size, or a breast-lift, the answer lies in cosmetic surgery which promises dramatic results, giving you a more assured, happier self!

In the first of this three part series, we are going to talk about the nitty-gritty details you should be aware of before undergoing a breast reduction/lift surgery.

Upper fullness
Breasts slump due to excessive size so much so that the upper poles flatten. Merely reducing their size will compromise on their beauty and will prune your cleavage. Ensure that your breasts are shaped such that you have upper fullness and the desired cleavage.

Size of nipples and areolae
Placement of nipples and areolae on the breast mound plays an important role in the physical appearance of your breasts. Therefore restoring the size, location and looks of the nipple-areola complex (NAC) to its younger self is essential. You should also be aware that's its possible to restore NAC to a higher point on the breast mound if it has sagged naturally due to ageing, breast feeding and pregnancy.

Projection of the breast
Your surgery can be designed in such a way that the projection of your breasts is manipulated. You have the option to choose amongst a low, medium or high projection.

A breast augmentation surgery will result in a scar and there is no way around it. So you need to decide whether you want huge scar less breasts which don't look good and may give you pain in the your back or more aesthetically pleasing, smaller breasts with a minor scar. However you have a choice between the old inverted T practice and the latest vertical one that avoids the horizontal component of the inverted T technique, and gives a smaller mark.

Ergo don't settle for just a reduced size ladies, strive to get gorgeous revamped breasts!

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