Labiaplasty – Common Questions You Must Ask Before Labiaplasty

Women today are becoming more aware and self-conscious. The beauty and comfort of their lower anatomy mean a lot to metro-sexual women.  This is where RG Aesthetics comes in the picture to help retain that beauty, youth, and appeal of the extremely private parts of women body through a highly sophisticated procedure called Labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty is a procedure which is done to remove some length of the labia minora. Overly large and dropping labia minora can be a cause of disproportionate discomfort and pain, and it also steals away the aesthetic appeal of the vagina. This excessive tissue can cause the skin to get irritated and raw from rubbing and chafing on all types of clothing. Exercise, along with other physical activities, becomes an issue. Labiaplasty gets rid of all these concerns.

Recently, Labiaplasty has been on the rise. An increasing number of women have started to request this procedure. Generally, this is considered to be a safe procedure, but before getting it done, women have many questions on their mind.

Here are 4 most common of the questions which women should ask before getting the surgery done. These questions are addressed by the Dr. Rajat Gupta of RG Aesthetics:

1- After getting the procedure, how long does it take for swelling to subside?

It is very common to experience itching and swelling. Itching and swelling will last from about 1 to 2 weeks, although in most cases it takes only a week. The swelling will be the worst three days after the surgery, after which, slowly but surely the healing process will begin. If the swelling and itching is not going away after one week, it is advisable to book an appointment with your surgeon, as it may be due to an infection, or an allergic reaction to medication. There should be a substantial difference after a week.


2- Will, there be a scar, and will it be visible?

Yes, there will be a scar. But there is not really a reason to worry, as it blends in very well. The tissue of the labia minora hides it, and it is not visible because of the wrinkles and folds. In fact, it is so unnoticeable, often you wouldn’t be able to tell where it is, yourself.  During Labiaplasty in at RG Aesthetics, dissolvable stitches are used. After the stitches are gone, which is anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks, the scar will be firm. After some months, it will naturally soften.


3- How can you shorten the time needed for healing?

Any kind of strenuous activity should surely be avoided. A simple cold compress or cooling pad can often reduce any swelling or itching that is experienced. You should also regularly clean the area after using the restroom. Some surgeons also recommend antibiotic ointment. For anything other than that, you should visit your practitioner and get a confirmation before doing it on your own. Another thing that can be done is taking medication before the surgery itself which reduces swelling and quickens the healing process, lessening the pain.


4- How long until it is safe to resume normal activity?

As already stated; swelling and itching will last almost for a week. Strenuous activity, including sexual intercourse, can be resumed after 1 month.

Labiaplasty is otherwise a perfectly safe procedure to be taken and it renders that beauty and comfort which women look for. If you are looking for a complete consultation on the subject, you may get in touch with Dr. Rajat Gupta