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About Us Skinnovation Clinic

So you ask us what we do.

We simply make people feel good about them through their renewed appearances. We strive to make them feel confident and happy and we also help them to commence better lifestyles by inducing the desired fulfilment.

There is a greater need for people to feel uplifted about their bodies, shapes and outer manifestation in order to lead a happy life. Yes, this isn’t vain, this is a serene way to achieve self-approval and hence live each day to the fullest.

It is a journey of transformation that involves a relationship with self first followed by the utmost trust in the team of medical experts, plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, and doctors we have onboard. These highly skilled practitioners are nothing but best in the industry and are on the panel of various medical facilities of repute in the capital.

At Skinnovation Clinics, we have put together an ideal mix of science, technology, innovation, experience, and compassion to cater to every individual reaching out to us. The team here comprises of specialists from their respective fields, be it reconstructive sciences, dermatology, cosmetic procedures, minimally invasive methods of rejuvenation or laser technology.

Our motto remains to deliver perfectly customized and comprehensive aesthetic solutions to every individual. We believe that a person who enters with desires, aspirations, and goals must leave with absolute contentment and added confidence for life.

The spectrum of aesthetic services that we offer encompasses the following:

  • Surgical Reconstructive and Correction Procedures
  • Non-surgical Rejuvenation and Correction Procedures
  • Medical Treatments
  • Dermatological Treatments
  • Minimally Invasive Treatments
  • Non-invasive Treatments

We take pride in being the exclusive centre in Delhi NCR with such colossal and ever-widening scope of body aesthetics and therapeutic solutions. Outfitted with most modern and sophisticated technological advancements; the facility stands to compete with international standards of aesthetic sciences, winning the trust of global clientele reaching us every day.

A thorough consultation with the aspirants forms the basis of bespoke and highly result oriented protocols that we separately devise for each individual.

We believe in and put to use the effective, safe and proven methodologies because your safety and satisfaction are our prime objectives.

Our Philosophy

  • Primum Non-Nocere : ‘First, do no harm’. Safety of patients is our prime concern. Our constant endeavour is to maintain the highest possible safety and ethical standards. Treatments offered at our centre have been exhaustively investigated worldwide and are evidence-based for both efficacy and safety. Treatment is administered by highly skilled doctors who are international exponents and are oft-invited faculty at some of the most prestigious conferences in the field
  • Natura Artis Magistra : ‘Nature is the teacher of art’. Our bodies and appearances are gifts of nature. However, due to vagaries of life, age and environment, we often do not look the way nature intended. At Skinnovation Clinic - The world of aesthetics, we aim at restoring the natural look and achieving the full aesthetic potential
  • Cura Personalis : ‘Care for the entire person’. We consider the person as a whole rather than concentrating on individual parts. Aesthetic medicine is a delicate mix of art and science. Thorough physical, medical and behavioral assessment leads us to offer wholesome treatment combinations and advice on preventive strategy.

Our Team

Dr. R.P. Gupta

( Consultant Dermatologist, Dermatosurgeon, Laser & Aesthetic Physician )
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Dr. Anil Ganjoo

( Consultant Dermatologist, Dermatosurgeon, Laser & Aesthetic Physician )
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Dr. Rajat Gupta

( Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon )
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Dr. Sumit Gupta

( Consultant Dermatologist, Vitiligo Specialist & Aesthetic Physician )
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Dr. Vivek Bindal

( Consultant Robotic, Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon )
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Dr. K M Surana

( Medical Director )
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Dt. Gurleen Kaur

( Consultant Dietition & Nutritionist )
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Dr. Shalini Malhotra

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Dr. Priya Bansal

MBBS, MS, DNB (Plastic Surgery)
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