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There are 42 muscles on the human face which help us to communicate by expressions. One of the prime reasons for facial aging is lines & wrinkles caused by repetitive muscle movement. Types of lines which are seen on an individual's face depend on the use of different muscle groups. Literally, the expressions we predominantly make in our lives become etched on our faces with age. skinnovation clinics offer best Botox Treatment in Delhi.

Apart from age, appearance of one's face makes the first impression about the nature and personality of a person. Certain expression lines are associated with negative emotions such as anger, grief and anxiety. Presence of such lines affects how a person is perceived in interpersonal and social communications. Human face is meant to express. As anti aging strategists, we can not expect a person to cease all human expression to prevent facial aging. Skinnovation Clinics is one of the best centres for Botox Treatment Clinic in Delhi.

Botox Skin Treatment clinicBotox' is a brand name of a substance called Botulinum Toxin A which is a purified derivative from a bacteria (likewise many antibiotic medicines including Penicillin are derived from bacteria & moulds). This substance is used to temporarily relax facial muscles to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It is injected directly into the muscle which needs to be relaxed. Although involving injections, the treatment is very comfortable. Botox'not onlytreats already formed facial lines caused by repetitive muscle movement, but also prevents new lines from forming.

Common injection sites for addressing wrinkles and lines are:

  • Glabella (region between eyebrows - frown lines)
  • Forehead (Worry lines)
  • Eyebrow Shaping
  • Outer corners of eyes (Crow's feet)
  • Nose (Bunny lines)
  • Upper Lip (Gummy Smile)
  • Sides of mid-chin (down-turned mouth - Marionette Lines)
  • Chin (Chin dimpling)
  • Neck (Neck bands or visible cords)
  • Armpits, Palms & Soles (Hyperhidrosis - Excessive Sweating)
Botox Skin Treatment clinic in delhi

Apart from above mentioned uses, Botox is also used medically for squint, blepharospasm (spasm of eyelids) cervical dystonia (severe spasms in the neck muscles), muscle stiffness in the upper limbs (elbows, wrists, fingers), migraine and detrusor overactivity (overactive bladder).
Botox Skin Treatment clinic in delhi Botox is being used for many decades now for both cosmetic and medical causes. Botox treatment takes 72 hours to take effect after injection and lasts for about six months. In expert hands, Botox is a potent, yet extremely safe treatment for facial lines & wrinkles. Consistent usage of over several decades and well-established safety profile has made Botox treatment popular worldwide. Effective usage of Botox requires thorough knowledge of facial anatomy, correct assessment and understanding of expectations & lifestyle of the individual.At Skinnovation - The world of Aesthetics, we have extensive experience of using Botox for cosmetic and dermatological indications. Doctors who inject at our centre are highly qualified, experienced and skilled at Botox treatments. If you consider yourself a candidate for Botox treatment in Delhi, visit us for a detailed consultation and expert care.

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